// About us


The company that dressed the workers of nuclear power plants and supplies conectors to the automotive industry

Disting company has two centres specialising in:

1. Textile and serial production

Here the clients are helped to specify, design and select workwear from samples so that they are safe for their working environment and meet prescribed standards. Another activity the centre is involved with is the manufacture of packaging made of the nonwoven fabric, other non-apparel elements and a high-volume fabrics cutting.

2. Supply of components to the automotive industry

The company has a rich experience in the production of components for the automotive industry - ¨

from the leather steering wheel cover stitching, finishing armrests between seats using fabric or leather covering to the production of "O" ring seals which have been used for the past seven years in the assembly of connectors. 

The utility model for overalls worn in nuclear power plants

We have developed and continually innovate yellow overalls used in the controlled zone of the Czech nuclear power plants since 1998. For the second year we also supply overalls to the nuclear power plants in Slovakia. We have our overall registered with the Industrial Property Office in Prague as a Utility model as well as an Industrial design.


Quality and professionalism

Cooperation with experts from the former Research Institute of Clothing in Prostejov and experts from the Technical University in Liberec constantly improves the quality of our products and deepens the expertise and specialization of the work team. We keep the Czech know-how of the textile sector and are developing it on the basis of new trends and requirements of clients. Thanks to this we are able to provide unique project solutions for our clients.


Development and emphasis on safety standards

We increasingly focus on developing processes and products that seem otherwise irresolvable in the Czech environment. Thanks to twenty years of experience and efforts in adapting to modern trends we provide our clients with solutions to complex projects. Products and processes are designed to meet increasingly more stringent standards and requirements and client expectations.


Qualified staff

The quality is guaranteed by specialized staff. Workers are carefully selected and go through internal education process. We pay consistently attention to the expertise of the staff and to this end we are planning to establish our own training centre.


Streamlining production using modern technologies

We use the latest equipment and programs for designing patterns and the separation process. The TOPCUT BULLMER fully automatic cutter cuts parts in a vacuum to ensure absolute accuracy of cut fabric and elastic materials.


Caring for the environment

We work on modern sewing machines with electronic-stop motor types, which save energy. We use our own waste heat. Scissor-cutting technology minimizes the production of textile waste.


Thanks to these efforts we are a reliable partner who is constantly growing. The working team is expanding and looking for new and high-quality reinforcements. The standard is to communicate with clients also in English and German.