Our services

  • Installation of automotive parts and seals

    We provide installation of various connectors
    We assemble a large number of different connectors of the highest quality to dozens of cable types primarily for automotive wiring.


  • Manufacture of workwear

    We produce professional workwear, including standard type for everyday use and special type e.g. for work at a certain nuclear power plant workplaces. We are able to make working clothes with patterns to specific requirements suitable for different types of operations.


  • Technical sewing

    The steering wheel cover stitching was included in our company's production programme gradually since January 1997. The production volume of the steering wheel cover stitching has multiplied several times from the original 1000 pieces per month. However, we stopped the steering wheel cover stitching in 2008. Presently we are not actively engaged in this work.

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DISTING – a reliable partner

We are a reputable company focused on installation of parts in the automotive industry and production of workwear. Over the past 17 years we have grown into a stable, reliable and trustworthy business partner. 


Why should you team-up with us? 

Proč spolupracovat?

  • Because we have been a stable and reliable partner since 1995 to each firm that became our customer 
  • We offer
  • Flexible production facilities
  • Helpful staff 
  • Trained operators
  • Highly skilled managers 
  • Very low PPM. Our current goal is to achieve zero value. 



Certification ISO 9001:2009 and ISO 14001:2005

We are holders of certificates guaranteeing the highest quality of our services.

ISO14001:20 a TS 16949

We have implemented in our company all required elements of the quality standards.


Disting Company s.r.o. (Ltd) has been operating in the town of Dukovany since 1996. The  Disting company is managed by capable people who can respond to market turmoil and their good relationship with the employees makes the company stable, so that every employee feels a responsibility for its operation. I wish that the good image of this thriving enterprise remains and that it will receive many more purchase orders in the future.   

Vítězslav Jonáš
Dukovany former mayor and senator